ENBLOM Services

Basic and detailed design for extra high voltage, high voltage, medium voltage and low voltage networks including the following:

Primary design:
- General Layouts & sections
- Civil guide layouts
- Earthing layouts & earthing details
- Lightning layouts & details
- Cable raceways layouts & details
- Cables trays & ladders drawings & details
- Gantries & equipment steel structure layouts & details
- Connection clamps and miscellaneous fittings drawings & details
- All required erection drawings & details.

Secondary design:
I. Control Systems:
- Main single line diagrams
- AC Auxiliary services single line diagrams
- DC Auxiliary services single line diagrams
- AC & DC Distribution systems single line diagrams
- Control panels schematic diagrams
- Control panels front view drawings & details
- Control panels internal arrangements
II. Protection Systems:
- Relaying & Metering single line diagrams
- Interlocking logic diagrams
- Protection panels schematic diagrams
- Protection panels front view drawings & details
- Protection panels internal arrangements

Civil & Architecture Design:
I. Civil Design:
- Buildings design plans & sections
- Foundations plans & sections
- Slab on grades plans and sections
- Axes and columns
- Miscellaneous structures drawings
- Trenches and ducts drawings
- Steel structure design drawings
II. Architecture Design:
- Basements, floors and roofs plans and dimensions
- Furniture drawings
- Sections and elevations
- Finishes, doors and windows schedules
- General details

Electromechanical Design:
I. MEP Services Design:
- Lighting system layouts & details
- Power socket layouts & details
- Data & telephone systems layouts & details
- Fire alarm systems layouts and details
- Secondary earthing layouts and details
- HVAC system layout, elevation, equipment schedules and fixation details
- Plumbing systems design drawings & details
II. Firefighting & Hydrant systems design drawings and details
- Fire protection system underground piping network and fire hydrants distribution layout
- Fire protection system P&ID
- Fire water tank layout and nozzle orientation
- Transformers fire protection system general arrangement layout
- Transformers fire protection system high velocity water spray system
- Transformers fire protection system pneumatic detection system
- Fire pump room installation general layout
- Fire pump room wet pipe sprinkler system layout
- Fire extinguishers distribution

Design calculations including the following:
- Overhead conductors calculations
- Grounding & Lightning systems calculations
- Gantries & steel design reports
- Auxiliary transformers sizing calculations
- DC system sizing calculations
- UPS sizing calculations
- LV AC system calculations
- Power and control cables sizing calculations and cables schedules
- AC/DC load lists
- Circuit breakers coordination calculations
- CTs/VTs adequacy calculations
- Signaling lists
- Cables terminations cards
- Cables duct banks calculations
- Lux calculations
- Fire pumps sizing calculations
- Transformer wet pipe sprinkler system hydraulic calculations
- Hydraulic calculations for high velocity water spray system
- Any other calculation that may be necessary to complete the works